About us...

The CMC firm is importer of Spanish food including Spanish olive oil. At the beginning we have been cooperating with small manufacturers of olive oil however over time we established contacts with bigger ones and finally we are cooperating with the most important producer of olive oil in Spain. We are the exclusive partners of Acesur - producer of La Espanola and Coosur brands for the whole Polish market. We have been gaining our experience in trade for years, by using the vast knowledge of our business partners in Spain. We were participants in many campaigns and trainings (olive harvests). We learned its specification, starting from the way of cultivation and olive harvesting, up to getting to know the technology of producing olive oil, what made us proffesional and familiar in trading our products. Our product range is based on three assortment-price categories: brand products, first-price products and private label, which is produced both for traditional market and large networks. The best quality olive oil from our portfolio is delivered via wholesales to traditional shop points and directly we are giving it to large networks by our transport and logistics.

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